Free ice-cream!

Surprisingly warm today. And I had to walk back from college carrying my 5 mounted A2 prints from the exhibition.
But just as I was heading home, I was offered an ice-cream from a stranger… Don’t worry this isn’t a panic inducing story to tell to 5 year-olds!
“whats the catch…?” I asked; “no catch, just promoting our new blog site…” she replied.
The site in question is borderlessblog, on tumblr. It’s by the Freedom Church. Now, this isn’t really my thing at all. I find it all a bit odd. But it’s simply rude to say no to free ice-cream!
But I’m sure they probably teach good morals, and build up peoples skills and confidence. So I’m happy to leave them to it.

If only I had enough spare money to print labels and tie them to (branded) ice-creams, and hand them out to promote my blog!!
As it is, I’m barely covering the rent, so I’m sorry ladies and gents, you’ll have to wait. Maybe this post has persuaded you to go and enjoy an ice-cream though, and that’s good enough for me!


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