Two Colour Litho Prints

I haven’t managed to get around to screen printing yet, but I did have a go a Litho Printing which I’d never done before!

I drew (badly) Moomintroll dancing, and then printed a sailing boat (one of the designs for the baby book!)

So here’s how you do it:

To make a 2-colour litho print, you will need two plates.

First you have to draw onto the surface of the first plate with a special waxy ink or crayon. This first plate will be your black ink, so draw your outline and details etc.

Next you wipe the surface of the plate with a liquid, which the waxy areas will repel.
So, when you coat the plate with the printing ink, it only sticks to the waxy areas you drew.

You print this onto a sheet of paper, making sure you draw around the edges of the plate and mark a corner with a pencil.

You then get your second plate and line it up onto that same print. Mark the correct corner again. Put this through the press so that the image is reproduced onto the second plate.

Now, on the second plate you can use the waxy inks again to mark out where the colour will be.

Again, coat it with the liquid and then roll the colour ink on.

To make the final image, put the colour plate through the press first, and then line up the black plate on top and put it through the press a second time.

Et Voila!


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