This week, and next. And a bit after too.

It’s been a funny sort of week. Lots has happened even though it still feels like I’m waiting for something to happen.

Nick has been away for New Designers Show in London (showcasing his blacksmithing work) since last weekend. And while he’s away I’ve been getting all the stuff ready for his birthday next week!
Those Moomin prints I made, I have used as tags on his presents. I wrapped the presents in brown paper, and Moomin is held in place with 4 photo corners. Looks cute, and saves me buying expensive wrapping paper! (Let’s face it, it only gets ripped off and recycled anyway)

I’ve been swimming with friends once this week, and am planning to go again tomorrow. However, this does depend on the state of my legs!
Got ravaged by a horsefly last week and now the initial swelling has gone down, I’m left with Urticaria (hives). In four patches. On both legs.  Bloody brilliant.
So here’s to a week of antihistamines and wearing mittens!

At least I’ll still be able to practice yoga at home. I’ll remove the mittens for this though.

Hopefully I will get to meet Nick’s newest nephew this week, they all may be coming up to Wales for a few days. Which will be lovely. I think. I haven’t been around a screaming newborn for quite some time. So, it’ll certainly be an experience!

Then in nearly no time at all I’ll be graduating! The ceremony is on the 19th. And after that, I’m headed back to Cornwall with my parents for a summer of work, work, work… and another baby.


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