Posted in July 2012

what a funny turn


I’ve lost track of time and dates. This always happens when I finish college. Been keeping busy though, always something to be done around this old house! Up and going at 8:30 most mornings, even though I’ve not managed to get a summer job yet. 😦

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you to 

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The amazing Viking Longboat cake!

Well, we had fun, and exercised a fair bit of design skill and crafty execution at the same time! It’s made using a chocolate swiss roll, some butter icing, lego warriors, Mikado sticks, white chocolate buttons, Jazzies, blue and green laces, malteasers, and kabab sticks for the mast with a paper sail! Sure was tasty … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Nick!

So here it is, another year gone by! And what’s he doing today? Well, at the moment he’s gone to chat to someone at the bank. Such fun!But a great job opportunity has come up in Somerset for Nick to work at a forge there.Perfect timing too as he’s just finished his degree!The date has … Continue reading