Welcoming in 2013 (slightly belated)

Good grief! Time got quicker this month, didn’t it?! Though I’ve managed to fit a lot of work into it.
In terms of uni work, I have finished my latest module 6 days ahead of the deadline! Wahay! And have been steadily chipping away at all the written work as well. (Panicking just a little bit about the dissertation writers block I have though…)
Got a great potential photography project coming up soon, but can’t say anything about it as yet. But it will be developing on my vision loss work!
New years resolutions seem to be getting there too. Applied for a part-time job (resolution 1) which will be ideal if I get it, to save up towards moving into a place with the bf in July (resolution 2). Have been eating slightly more fruit and veg, and slightly less cake (small changes add up you know!) so healthier eating going ok(3).
In terms of improving fitness(4), had a mad half hour today  doing ‘salsacise’ in the privacy of my own room, followed by an intense cardio workout I found here:

Phew! It definitely raises the pulse!
Wanted to go for a run today, but the pesky snow got in the way. I know, snow…in England…?
Well, I don’t think climate change is fictional. I think the weather in Britain has gone to show that these last few years!
By the way, I’ll be helping Concern Universal make a film about climate change next month. Busy, busy, busy!!

From Puffin Books websitehttp://www.puffin.co.uk/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780141340593,00.html

Moomins in Winter (Image from Puffin Books website)



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