Happy St. Davids Day!

Yay, time to celebrate the Saint of Daffodils! (He invented Daffodils, right?)
Nah seriously, feeling a bit stressed and worn out. No celebrating here! Project has just gone underway with 4 students of RNCB in Hereford, and in planning stages of a personal project. I haven’t taken many photos since I handed in my last project work (you can see it on my website- http://www.jadeclemens.com/projects/) it gets to that point where you’re like “Get that camera away from me!” But I think I may be ready to start again.
Dissertation done. Concern Universal filming done (not much thanks to me, I was severely ill the week of the filming!) and other module work up to date. So onwards and upwards!
I was looking at other artists who do work on the senses the other day, and came across this one artist whose work I thought was pretty awesome. Megan Canning.



Weird and cool, eh? Informative too!
But yeah, do check out my website and not just hers! 


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