Pretty lomo pics & Don McCullin film in one day!

Came across some lovely photos in Oh Comely! magazine the other week. The photographer is called Claudia Toloni, and her website/ blog is 

Would love to get my work into that magazine, has anyone else read it? Really cosy, feel good mag, down-to-earth articles with no rubbish!

Also, on a very different note, I visited The Courtyard today in Hereford, to watch McCullin. Absolutely horrific. He’s brutally honest, and you are bombarded with shocking images of appalling atrocities throughout the 1hr 35mins.
I met Donald McCullin once, in Bath (the city, not in THE bath). So I knew a lot of things he would say about his experiences, but it didn’t make it any less stomach turning. A very difficult film to talk about. I literally came out of the theatre speechless.
Just watch it, if you can. 

I won’t put any of his photos in this post, some viewers might not like to have the truth about wars thrusted in front of their faces. If you’re interested I’m sure you can look him up!


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