Just another not so manic Monday

I’m doing nothing. And worried about it. The terrible art of procrastination.
I could write up some reviews for my uni work. I need to email a load of people to organise photo shoots. Hamster cage needs cleaning.
I might figure out measurements for the dress I want to make, or find some nice fabric for it.
That’s a point. Does anyone know of any decent online places to get good value cotton fabrics from? I’ve been looking around for one, but I’m just not sure anymore!
So here’s a challenge for you: I need something under £10/metre. Plain cottons, or maybe quirky cool patterns. Purples, blues, greens. Loose cotton, not stretchy stuff. I’d love a Moomin dress, but I doubt I’ll ever find the fabric!
Nothing like a fine bit of delegation, is there? 😉

In the meantime, I should actually do something.

Right I did something, I discovered that the only Moomin dresses available to buy are for age 2-3 years!
So now I have another thing to add to my list: plan a pregnancy!!



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