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Wow, I’m truly forgetful.

I actually forgot I had this blog, and how much I enjoyed posting to it!! Well, not anymore! Currently, I’m planning a new photography project, still really in initial ideas stages. Essentially it is going to be about personal wellbeing. I know- a massive topic spanning all areas of life! Going to need to narrow … Continue reading

Just another not so manic Monday

I’m doing nothing. And worried about it. The terrible art of procrastination. I could write up some reviews for my uni work. I need to email a load of people to organise photo shoots. Hamster cage needs cleaning. I might figure out measurements for the dress I want to make, or find some nice fabric … Continue reading

Feeling a little SAD…?

Here it is again, another January, another struggle. Thought I’d almost got away with it this year. No chance! Every year without fail, this unbearable exhaustion falls upon me. Doesn’t matter what I do…I just can’t drag myself up in the mornings. However, I had a fantastic weekend, practicing archery and seeing loads of friends! … Continue reading